We no longer live with media, we live in media because media is everywhere and always around us. You can easily create your own media or see stories of one another. Dutch Media Week celebrates the presence of media in this years theme ‘Anytime Anyplace’. From Saturday the 3th to Sunday the 11th of October 2020, the city of Hilversum will be celebrating the impact that media has on all our lives. Because of Covid-19 we have build a virtual venue in which you can visit the beautiful building of Sound and Vision and you can visit all the livestreams throughout the week. 

Visit inspiring knowledge sessions and learn about the last innovations. Every day will be packed full of events and opportunities to learn more, with interesting activities in our virtual venue.

This year’s Dutch Media Week will be the fifth edition of this fascinating festival.



Herman Dummer:
06 53 26 37 00

Antal van Elsen:
06 51 76 68 04

Kim Visser
06 30 44 29 73


Most of our events are in Dutch. However, there are some English spoken events. For all events in English check this page: https://www.dutchmediaweek.nl/programma/?search=english


The festival is being organised by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, in close collaboration with the municipality of Hilversum and Hilversum Marketing.