Tackling the Trust Deficit

Maandag 05 oktober 2020 - 17:00 - 18:00

Tackling the Trust Deficit

Over the past 10 years the media landscape has atomised. Old communication platforms are transforming. The new ones are facing fresh challenges, especially in 2020. As trust and truth are increasingly undermined, the importance of earned attention in brand communication has never been greater.

The power of earned media lies in establishing trust between brands and the communities they are seeking to influence. Right now, those communities are dispersed and isolated, yearning real, meaningful connections.

Brands have an important part to play here. They can be either part of the problem, or the solution. The un-wrapped selves we’ve been displaying – through the bad hair days, attention-seeking pets, and next-room childcare challenges – makes for a snapshot of vulnerability. Businesses that are prepared to be equally candid about who they are and the value they promise to add have the potential to build long-lasting relationships built on trust. Those that don’t may find themselves on the wrong side of history when we emerge from the current crisis.


Nick Bailey, CEO & Creative Partner, futurefactor
Named by Adweek in 2011 as one of the world’s top 10 creative minds in digital, Nick Bailey has held leadership positions as ECD of AKQA Amsterdam, CEO and CCO of Isobar London and Creative Director at Digitas LBi. Along the way he’s picked up over 100 international awards and sat on juries for the Cannes Lions’ inaugural Glass Lion, D&AD, eurobest and the One Show. As futurefactor’s CEO and creative partner, Nick brings both his creative and commercial leadership experience to the earned space.
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Susanne van Nierop, Editor in Chief, Adformatie
Being curious by nature, it’s not a coincidence Susanne van Nierop became a journalist. During her Communication Science studies, she started working at a financial publisher where she got contaminated with the news- and writing virus. At Adformatie – the leading Dutch marketing, media and ad-platform – she found the perfect mix of journalism and the world of communication. Since 2017 Susanne is editor-in-chief of Adformatie, always eager to tell the great stories in the business.
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Olaf van Gerwen, Global Creative Director, Chuck Studios

By trade, Olaf is a film director. He has won several awards like Lions, Epica, and Effies before specializing in food advertising. Olaf has directed and shot over 500 commercials in 30+ countries and is still going strong. In 2012, he founded Chuck Studios, the first global food-specialist creative production company. The company not only makes food look delicious, we also help brands around the globe develop a distinct Culinary Identity. Chuck Studios is headquartered in Amsterdam with offices in Moscow, London, and Los Angeles.

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Nathalie Lam, Head of Global Sponsorship, Philips

Nathalie has managed marketing communication campaigns for companies such as Red Bull, Heineken, KLM. Currently at Philips, she is responsible for the global activation of Philips brand sponsorship campaigns.

Along with being the winner of 2 Lions at Cannes Lions, Nathalie is also listed on the 50 de Kleurrijke 50. Nathalie will dive into how mentors have been pivotal throughout her career when it comes to gaining confidence, knowledge and advice.

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David Bates, CEO & Creative Director, Bokeh

David is a high-functioning eccentric who thinks in stories, speaks in aphorisms, and wields a passion for storytelling that’s unorthodox approaching idiosyncratic. Hired at Google as a 22-year old, David held an objectively unjustifiable amount of power. He built a content team at Google Maps and established a global production strategy that covered the Canadian Arctic, Taj Mahal, and Pyramids at Giza.

Then he left to turn his side project, a wedding video company named Bokeh, into a creative agency (http://bokeh.agency/). He now develops campaign strategies and content for brands like Google, Instagram, Airbnb, WeWork, DoorDash, Visa and more. David is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz, and currently lives in San Francisco.

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