#SMWNL Student Night

Dinsdag 06 oktober 2020 - 18:30 - 22:00

How to use content to find your voice and build your career”

Thanks to social media, anyone with a smartphone in their hands can change the world. By unleashing your creativity and a little daring, you can support important causes, start a company or een just build a personal brand that future employers can’t help but stumble upon. In this talk, Elja will not only give you plenty of tips, she’ll give you examples to inspire action. The world is yours! It’s all about showing up and showing who you are!

With Elja Daae, social media trainer & author ‘Super social’ & ‘Bloggen als een pro’, from 19.00-19.45 uur hosted by #SMWNL.

“How the Coronavirus is changing content production”

In this talk Saskia will explore the new way of content production where home quarantine and social distancing drive not only a new way of working but also for storytelling. She will look at it thru the lens of the global company ViacomCBS in her expertise of digital short form content.

With Saskia Baaij-Verhoeven, VP Strategy at ViacomCBS, van 20.00 tot 20.45 uur hosted by #SMWNL.

This program is in English!


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Dinsdag 6 oktober 2020 18:30 - 22:00