MOJO Conference

Vrijdag 07 oktober 2022 - 10:00 - 16:00

This year the 5th edition of the MOJO Conference will take place in De Vorstin Hilversum. With this year’s topic: Next Level Online Creation
Technology is leading! What is the impact in future creative business, media and storytelling?

Timeline and running order
– 10:00 NFT
Nicolas Grootjans – Recently did a TedTalk about NFTs in Belgium. Approach: NFT in the film industry?

– 11:00  Transmedia storytelling
How do you tell tall stories on different platforms and what about public participation? By Tom Rumes (training manager applied audiovisual communication BATAC)

– 13:00  Afro Belg
Web series on contemporary conflicts, racism, discrimination and stereotypes but also a lot of humour. By Joffrey Anane (creator + main character) + Producer Yves Ruth
After all the online sketches on Instagram and TikTok, it is now time for the first real Afro Belg series. During the premiere on 2 October, we will take you along in this world of Afro Belg and the series is being shared with the general public for the first time. You can expect a total experience. A mystery guest hosts the event and a DJ will play his best Afro Belg tunes. Exclusive merch will be sold, you get to know all the characters individually for the first time and you can ask all your questions to the maker himself. Afro Belg Good Vibes Guaranteed!

The series was conceived by Joffrey Anane from Antwerp. He was inspired by his own youth experiences. He was raised by his biological mother and father as well as by his white foster parents. Afro Belg therefore stands for embracing these two identities. It shines a light on the conflict that arises from the conservative Fleming’s resistance to change and the desire of the ‘Afro Belg’ to be appreciated by the country in which he or she was born. The different perspectives of the characters gives us a comical total picture of what it is like to be a Belgian with African origin in the often still conservative Belgian society. The series offers togetherness and recognition in the form of humour.

– 14:00 Podcasts

Podcasts are having a lot of impact today. With a workshop ‘How to make a podcast in 50 minutes’ AKA making a podcast live, Sander Vanermen & Ella Van Eynde come to give an insight into all the tricks of the trade. Ella is one of the resident freelancers at House of Media who works on editorial boards of Belgian media companies such as VRT, Mediahuis & De Standaard. Sander is active at House of Media (HOME) and they both actively work on new ideas & podcasts.

– 15:00 XR-technologie

How can one use XR technology within a broadcast environment? By Tom Verstappen, researcher in the Creative & Innovative Business expertise unit at Thomas More, Mechelen, Belgium

We conclude this day at the Dutch Media Week Café in Sound & Vision.


Vrijdag 7 oktober 2022 10:00 - 16:00
Locatie: De Vorstin
De Vorstin
De Vorstin, Koninginneweg, Hilversum, Nederland

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Ticketprijs: €75,-

Early Bird: €50,-

Student: €40,-